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India is No:1 in milk production in the world, it is only because of no of animals, but not average production. Still our average milk yield per animal is 2lts per day, where as other countries are better than us in production.

Day to day small farmers are skipping away from dairy business as they are sustain huge losses by following their old practices and management habits. It turned out a major problem for milk procurement. Not only tiny farmers, but also the organized dairies are also so facing the same problem. If this continues in future we may import milk. This directly cost GDP and next generation health. It is time to create awareness and educate the farmers about the importance of the effective management practices in the dairy business.

After years of research, we are coming out with farmer supporting system to educate the farmer to make the dairy business profitable. It will be a best tool to make aware of rearing dairy animals. We are keeping our best efforts to serve the dairy segments with our farmer supporting system. Though we put lot of efforts and outlay, we feel it our responsibility towards the nation.

We would like to work closely with farmers and dairy segment to promote best management practices to make dairy profitable. We wish to be a best partner of dairy farmer in his day to day business.