Essens LIV
Reduces fat accumulation of fat on liver (Fatty Liver Syndrome).
Improve liver function.
Improves Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR).
Protects liver from toxin damage.
Helps in regeneration of liver cells.
Improves intestinal mucosa lining.
Dose: In sever condition: 10ml/ 100birds. To maintain: 5ml/ 100birds.
Pack: 1lt, 5lt.

Essensmin FORTE
Improves immunity.
Over comes mineral and amino acid deficiency.
Improves egg production and egg shell quality.
Reduces leg weakness and seasonal stress.
Improves growth, hatchability and fertility.
Improves body mass and FCR.
Dose: Poultry Feed: 500gm to 1Kg in 100Kg feed.